The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Professional Government Association of Ukraine will be carrying out the Seminar “Innovations in Public Administration – Engagement through Civic Activism” from March 20 till March 23 in Kyiv. The seminar participants are servants and civic activists from NGOs working on innovation-related projects to improve governance.

The seminar’s key objectives are to share and discuss innovative approaches to governance, contribute to increasing efficiency of public services, and engage civil society, particularly youth organizations, into policy- and decision-making.

The seminar will comprise of a series of interactive presentations and workshops delivered by policy- and change-makers from civil society and government. In particular, the following topics are to be discussed: Ukraine’s reforms architecture; youth and innovations for improving civil service culture; civic engagement through participatory budgeting; ProZorro as Ukraine’s groundbreaking innovation in public procurement; web-checker for inclusive policy-making; E-health as the successful case of digitalization of a post-soviet healthcare system; E-Democracy tools, Bureaucracy Index, and more.

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