6th Eastern European Academy for Social Democracy. Challenges to peace and security order in Eastern Europe

From 25th till 30th of November 2018 the sixth edition of the Eastern European Academy for Social Democracy is taking place in Austria (Vienna and Region)

During the meetings with such Austrian politicians as Maria Maltschnig and Hannes Swoboda, as well as with experts from FES Regional Office for Cooperation and Peace in Europe and representatives of the OSCE, participants have discussed and debated the challenges and threats for the European Security Order.

The importance of civil liberties, self-consciousness, and national identity in strengthening regional development and surpassing security in Eastern Europe was elaborated. High attention was paid to the establishment of lands of cooperation for the dialogue and to the capacity building inside EaP (e.g. in energy security, trade, IT-experience exchange etc.)

Participants have also worked on developing 4 long-term scenarios for the European Security Architecture, focusing on the EaP development in frames of socio-political development and international cooperation, taking into consideration what the interests of the main actors in the region could be.

The photo report from the event might be seen here

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