Call for application for the Eastern European School of Foreign Policy Researchers

The Regional Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation "Dialogue Eastern Europe" and the Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism" are pleased to announce the opening of applications for participation in the "Eastern European School of Foreign Policy Researchers."

The school aims to create a communication platform for Belarusian, Moldovan and Ukrainian researchers, raising their awareness of international processes in the Eastern European region and providing basic skills in developing and implementing analytical documents.

The school offers participants engaging lectures, discussions, and hands-on exercises in the analysis of Eastern European political issues; acquaintance with representatives of public and state structures operating in the field of foreign policy.

The training stage of the School will take place from 16 to 21 August 2021. The exact date will depend on quarantine restrictions.

After the end of the training stage, we expect that each participant will:
– carry out a policy analysis in the selected area (policy paper format) as part of an international group consisting of the School participants;
– prepare an analytical document on the current topic of Eastern European politics;
– take part in public events organized within the School.

We are waiting for applications from students, undergraduates, young analysts from Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus, specializing in international relations, political science, international economics, public administration.
The key selection criteria will be:
– specialized education;
– availability and quality of publications on foreign policy in the Eastern Partnership region;
– the candidate's experience as an expert on foreign policy issues;
– motivation to develop as a foreign policy expert;
– agreement to carry out policy analysis, prepare at least one publication on the training topic and take a questionnaire to assess progress;
– sincere interest in the region;
– fluent English.

The main working language is English, however good Russian is also essential, since some lectures can be held in Russian..

The organizers cover all expenses for accommodation, meals, and transportation within the School.


Applications are accepted until June 18, 2021, at 23:59 Kyiv time. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered. All candidates will be informed about the selection results by June 30, 2021.


Andrusevič, Andrej; Andrusevič, Natalija; Miščuk, Zorjana

Ozelenenie vostočnogo partnerstva: Regional'noe izmerenie buduščich perspektiv

Diskussionnyj dokument
Kyiv, 2022

Download publication (11 MB, PDF-File)

Andrusevych, Andriy; Andrusevych, Nataliya; Mishchuk, Zoriana

Greening the Eastern partnership: Regional dimension of the future perspectives

Discussion paper
Kyiv, 2022

Download publication (11 MB, PDF-File)