Topics and scope of activities

Topics and scope of activities

The regional project „Dialogue Eastern Europe“ with its office in Kyiv focuses mainly on the following three pillars in order to promote cooperation and mutual understanding within the region:

Civil society dialogue
The overall aim of our activities in this line is to strengthen civil societies and foster the development of those regional identities in EaP-countries and Russia, that are based on common European democratic values such as human rights and freedom of expression.

Regional dialogue of progressive young leaders
In the framework of our activities within the “Regional Dialogue of Young Leaders” we are working with young leaders, who are open for building bridges in the regional context, especially between the Eastern Partnership countries and the Russian Federation.

IPG Journal
Our online magazine IPG - International politics and society – covers developments of international politics in Russian language. It aims to inform people with a Russian speaking background about current issues and contributes to a pluralistic opinion-forming process.

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Analitika Diskussii mnenija 2018

IPG è Meždunarodnaya politika i obščestvo
Kiev, 2018

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Reindustrialise Eastern Europe?

Perspectives of progressive economic policy in the counries of the Eastern partnership, Russia and Germany
Kiev, 2017

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