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IPG - International politics and society – is an online platform for dialogue referring to issues of international politics, security, European integration and ecology.

Our authors do not simply describe major international events but analyze, evaluate and criticize them, calling for an open discussion.

IPGs aim: to encourage developing a process of productive thinking by constructive discussions. For this we provide fundamental, scientific analysis as well as critical commentaries and recent interviews on the following issues: foreign policy and security, democratic society, European integration, ecology and sustainable development.

For more than 50 years the IPG-journal has been published in German language by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Germanys oldest political foundation.

In the light of the recent need of an informative dialogue between Eastern and Western European countries, a decision to publish the IPG in Russian language has been taken in 2016. Thus, Russian speaking readers receive information from Europe and can participate in international dialogue.

The editors of IPG - International politics and society - may not share the opinion of the authors of articles published on this site.

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Kardava, Ekaterine; Yarmolyuk-Kröck, Kateryna; Palihovici, Liliana

Too little, too slow

Why employees in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine do not benefit from the EU association agreements
Kiev, 2019

Download publication (140 KB,, PDF-File)

The Eastern partnership in 2030

Four scenarios for the future of the region
Kiev, 2019

Download publication (6 MB, PDF-File)